I'm Lauren

Let's Make Something Great

My passion is products. I've been working in the web world for over a decade. Great products are the culmination of research, data, testing, design, and development. As a product leader, I've had the opportunity to take point on all these avenues.

Owning my own business, working at agencies, retail sites, and SASS, I've got a plethora of experience to pull from. I also try to share my knowledge, speaking at conferences and leading product workshops.

Let's make something great together!

Let's See the World

I love the outdoors. Biking, climbing, snowboarding, you name it. When I'm not making great products, I'm outside.

I'm usually with my awesome husband and software engineer extraordinaire, Rob Stinogle. Travel is our second passion. Together we want to see all this fantastic world has to offer.

Lauren in Zion National Park
Me in Zion National Park