Pop Phrase

iOS App

Pop Phrase is the ultimate phrase guessing game!

The idea for this game came after an intense game of Catch Phrase with friends. Rob and I both have a love for the game, however after playing enough, we found ourselves memorizing the words in each category. Longing for an updated set of categories and words, we set out to create a game inspired by catch phrase that used trending internet search terms. With popular searches, along with an ever growing list of categories and the ability to look up words you don't know all within the app, the game is a severe upgrade to the classic Catch Phrase game.

User Flow

As with any new project, I started out with user flows for the app. We knew the site needed to be simple and allow for customization as needed. Things such as a timer should allow for audio and visual options. We added the ability to name teams and to add a score at the end of each round. This allowed for the user to engage with the app on their terms without the app making assumptions. For example, the app has no way of knowing when words were skipped or guessed. We could have added a skip button, but wanted to keep the game play as simple as possible.

test image
User flow sketches for the app
Interaction Design

Working with your partner in crime allows for some serious collaboration. Aside from back and forth iterations within the code, I used InvisionApp to mock up some basic interactions on the project. Check it out below...

User Testing

Communication was high on this project as I suggested more features than Rob would have time to build alone. We kept a priority list of features throughout the project to keep us on track to release an MVP. This allowed us to release quickly and iterate as needed.

Testing did bring to light some features that really made the app stand on its own. For example, the ability to look up what words were after a round within the app, was a desire discovered through testing. In addition, the ability to see how much time elapsed on each word, as well as fun features such as the slowest and fastest words of the game were easy additions that added more competition to the game. Try it out! :)