Steep & Cheap

Site Flow, Responsive Design

Steep & Cheap gives people the thrill of the deal - and the control to navigate.

Like mentioned previously, Steep & Cheep is a limited-time, limited-quantity deals site for the outdoor enthusiast. Steep & Cheap (SaC) customers love this site for it's amazing deals on outdoor gear. The business decided it was time to replatform Steep & Cheap to be on ATG. This would bring Steep & Cheap on the same technology as our other sites, Backcountry and Competitive Cyclist, allowing for a smoother workflow from merch to engineering.


While we were at it we decided to rethink the way users were shopping the site. Previously, users could not search for products or navigate based on category or activity. Instead, they would see one deal at a time, as well as any collections (group of products) our merchandisers wanted to highlight. To put the customer in control of their shopping experience, we decided to think through offering a way to find products they needed, or let's face it, wanted. :)

test image
Sketches from project

The business gave our team little time to discover the user flow, so we have to move quickly. With a recent redesign of behind us, we were able to incorporate past learnings in order to incorporate assumptions of customer behavior into interactions quickly. We have two major flows on our site to get to checkout: search and navigation by category. With this in mind we were able to work with the merch team to find a category structure that made sense with out future offerings on the site, as well with how we know users shop on Backcountry. It was a big assumption, but Omniture tracking on the site will allow us to confirm and move forward with or pivot on the hypothesis soon after launch.

Quick prototyping on this project meant planning and sketching out concepts ahead of time followed by html/css mocks to pass off to the developers. Below is an example of the mobile prototype in action. For more details feel free to reach out.

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A quick prototype of the future SaC menu on a mobile device